Northcoast Ninety Niners

Group Description

Sick of riding solo?

Sick of heading to the same ole spots?

Sick of bike groups that look down on you because of your choice in bikes?

WELL- you just may have found a new home. The 99ers was formed to include motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life and all types of bikes. We welcome young and old from all backgrounds and experience levels. The only prerequisites are a love of motorcycles and a lack of attitude. Our members ride all brands of bikes from sport bikes to fully dressed touring machines; from scooters to trikes. All are welcome. We are an ever growing group of friends from all over Ohio and Western Pennsylvania; chances are some of your neighbors ride with us.

We offer rides and events for riders of all levels of experience from casual rides through the park to long haul, iron butt rides to large biker destinations. We schedule events for the novice rider and the long term biker. Be certain that you will have a blast and make some new friends here. So click that join button now! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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