Cleveland Humanist Alliance

Group Description


We believe in living this life fully, guided by reason, informed by experience, inspired by compassion,filled with wonder in the joy and beauty of human existence, and we strive to leave this world a better place.


CHA Vision Statement

We believe in equal rights for all human beings.

Our life stance is respectfully based on scientific reasoning and logic rather than on gods, myths or supernaturalism to make decisions about the natural world.

As a positive, secular Humanist community, we celebrate life events together, participate in charitable and community events, and collaborate with other groups with similar goals.

We believe in bettering ourselves through knowledge, ethical living, and appreciating the arts and nature so we can better control the destiny of this one life we know we have.


CHA regular, monthly meetings will be structured as follows:

-10-15 min announcements of upcoming events, housekeeping

-A core presentation which can be a speaker, movie, music, poetry and other art, or interactive discussion on core topic.

-Poetry, music, art, guided meditation interspersed within or surrounding core presentation.

-Last hour will be an unstructured meal together.

Outside of monthly meetings, CHA will:

*have additional meetings/outings based on interests of the group

*positively impact the community through outreach projects

*participate in creative/intellectual gatherings with other like-minded groups such as Cleveland Freethinkers and NOFTS.

*hold fun-draisers to enable more activity choices, and have an impactful Humanist community.

*Serve as a resource for Atheists, Humanists and Freethinkers who wish to be married, celebrate birth, end-of-life, graduation, holidays, etc, through a supportive community of nonbelievers, and with the help of experts in this field.