Northeast Ohio Secular Woman (Not just for women!)

Group Description

Disgusted by the dangerous attacks on women and the LGBT community by the religious right? Ready to "shut that whole thing down"?

Are you a woman**(or supporter of women) not afraid to use the "F"* word who wants to support the power of non-religious women in atheism and society at large? *Feminism!! *gasp*!

Are you an atheist, agnostic, or otherwise free of religion and supernatural beliefs? Do you support secular humanist values?

If so, this group may be for you. Keep reading!

Northeast Ohio Secular Woman (NEOS Woman) is a new affiliate group of the larger organization, Secular Woman. (**Please see Secular Woman's mission statement before joining.) You do not need to be a member of the national group to join this one, but it is highly recommended ($20)

NEOS Woman is enthusiastically looking for people of all gender identities who support:

  • Humanist values
  • Unapologetic feminism
  • Defending reproductive rights
  • Equality for for people of all sexual orientation and gender expression
  • Science based and comprehensive sex education
  • We recognize that religion has long been a tool for oppressing women, but that women can be oppressed even in the absence of religion.
  • We support feminism and increased participation and influence of women in society as well as within the secular movement.

Together we will:

  • Support diversity within the secular movement and be free of hostility toward feminist discussion
  • Make new friends with people who share our humanist values
  • Take action against those taking away our important rights to bodily autonomy and separation of church and state
  • Grow intellectually through learning about current events of concern to secular humanists, especially women

**We consider the term "woman" to apply to anyone who presents herself as a woman or says she is one.