Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

Address: 100 Public Sq
Phone: (216) 297-4777
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Category: Casino
Check Ins: 26949


  • Tim Long

    Try the gambling
  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

    Slots and table games located on both Levels 1 and 2! Head to Level 3 to check out our Poker Room.
  • Bingham Lofts

    I'll go there just for the buffet. I'll leave the gambling to all the welfare mammas and baby daddies on line yesterday.
  • Rick Uldricks

    Some of the costumes people wear here are ridiculous. It's like Cleveland traffic court w/ slot machines.
  • Dino Silvestri

    See if you can leave with money in your pocket after putting it all on black
  • Alexandra Fletcher

    The ATM fee is $4.99. Come prepared!
  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

    Play 30 and earn 15 Tier Credits to park free! See Total Rewards on Level 1 or Level 2 for more info.
  • Eric Zahirsky

    The Walmart of casinos.
  • Deonte Marie

    Second floor bartenders ROCK!!
  • Tiffany Ja'Nishia

    I love the food at B Spot! Lola Fries are the best!
  • Ryan P

    Always bet on black!
  • Jason K

    Come here to flush money down flashing blinking machines.
  • Marie S

    Tiny Vegas right here in Ohio!! No waiting for a table. You never know who you might see here!
  • Rachel Verbos

    Loving cle and its new establishment! Midwest love!
  • Kristi Dylag

    Play the wheel of fortune slots
  • Carl Ricco

    I'm on line here waiting to get inside. Just wanted to check the place out. Brought $20 haha
  • trish kara

    The buffet is one of the best around for the $$. Sometimes the Total Reward Card has 2 for 1 buffet - sweet deal!
  • Search Circus

    Simply cannot wait to try the slots and roulette and eat their wonderful buffet either!
  • Carl Ricco

    *** laws here in Cleveland regarding alcohol also include a part regarding free alcohol. It is illegal to serve free alcohol. This not any fault of Horseshoes.
  • Grimey Josh

    So this should take care of the welfare problem....right??
  • Betsey

    Top shelf is Wild Turkey
  • Melanie Leu

    Danny won $2700 at the craps table. I won $600 between slots and blackjack. It was fabulous.
  • Nicole Cyngier

    Just a short walk away from Leader bar at east 6 & superior!! Great bartenders and great food!! Come visit!!
  • Alexis Adrian

    Always wait for the first bet to go down. Study the board, then you hit. Learn rookies.
  • Carl Ricco

    Who brings wrapped gifts to a casino?
  • Dino Silvestri

    They don't have casino war , which to me is a huge disappointment.
  • Kevin $

    Play the ATM game. Guess a 4 digit code and win cash! Best game ever!
  • glenda the good witch

    You must try the buffet!
  • David Vivino

    Nice array of games. Take your time and explore all levels. Your favorites are here!
  • Jon Darveau

    Not really a fan of this place at all. No discernible theme and few places to eat/drink on casino floors. They charge you for drinks even if you are gambling, dont think Ive ever seen that before.
  • Sharon Berezne

    Vegetarians and Vegans - not alot of options for you if the buffet is closed - which it was when I was there. Otherwise a beautiful casino with lots of options on slots, tables and different games.
  • Kevin Kotwicki

    Wheel of fortune $1 slot pays the most in credits.
  • Matt Leung

    Go through the Tower City Center lowrer level entrance to avoid the long lines outside.
  • Bonnie Deubel

    this is a beautifully place feels like i m in Vegas!!!!
  • Randi Labrier

    Really crowded and minimums for tables are high!
  • Adam Cramer

    Play the Wheel Of Fortune Slots, You start wanting the FREE SPINS to pop up so you can hit the Jack Pot on the wheel.
  • lil monster tee

    The one girl at the door a bitch..really hater
  • Heather McNally Milko

    Tip your dealers
  • roynatta mickens

    Fun times to be had by all, Love It when I WIN
  • Kory On The Radio

    Play roulette, more bang for your buck and a lot more fun than slots!
  • Roberta Roberts

    You will lose your money there not so hot!!!???
  • Carl Ricco

    Corky and Lenny's. Woodmere's fantastic deli comes
  • Shaine Ward

    Azk for Shaine Ward
  • Amanda Briggs

    They didn't believe I am 30 and they thought my i.d was fake. First time in a casino. I walk on the door with bad luck already. First time gambling EVER. Is this a sign of bad luck? Lol
  • Courtney Dann

    We use to get copuons in the mail ALL the time n we used one once n ended up winning a little $, haven't recieved a coupon in the mail since then! Why's that?? HUHHH
  • Sarah Greifenstein

    Always bet against me. I'm such bad luck :(
  • Mike Joyce

    You win or you lose...I recommend trying the win thing, its a lot more fun
  • Allie P

    Don't bring any wrapped gifts. You will be denied entry.
  • Angela Blatz

    Table limits low on Monday morning! Ten dollar Hollar!!
  • Laura Kinsey

    Try the buffet! Free napkins!
  • K'era Morrison

    The line is ridiculous I rather spend money at the rivers
  • Candace Binkley

    Prepare to stand in line no matter what anyone tells you unless.your a gold or platnuim member.
  • Dino Silvestri

    If you play any slot with a big screen on top play with a few others because the mini games usually involve all of you.
  • Don W.

    GO BROWNS!!!
  • Rob

    Goto the top floor, by the Texas Holdem tables; Diamonds Lounge, great lounge!!
  • Ed Garcia

    im alllll in!
  • Stan Aten

    $25 minimum on table games on weekends is asinine.
  • Chris Bralek

    Honestly I'm probably done coming here. This is a Vegas casino in the same way Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food. I expected more from Caesar's.
  • Ollie Estep

    The slots here are tighter than a 12 year old virgin. My group never wins here...ever.
  • Carla Walker

    They got wings on the late night at Corky & Lenny's until 4:30am
  • Scott Dumire

    Most God-awful casino music ever! Instead of making me want to lose more money it makes me want to slit my wrists! Lol
  • Heather McNally Milko

    Tip your dealer! :-)
  • Scott Dumire

    Takes more money than Vegas, yet you're still in Cleveland.
  • Debbie Mc Carthy-Smerk

    Always good people watching
  • Zack Hicks

    Try the gambling!
  • Christina Ragozzino

    Love this place i won a couple of time when i was here last
  • Ray Lamarca

    Hope you are a Diamond club member or else you have jiggaboos piggybacking you
  • D-FReSH BaLLiN'

    Up a couple stacks, strip club time for a water and sports
  • Brandon Moore

    Best work experience ever! Play blackjack and roulette if possible on the first floor by the cage!
  • Joe Wittine

    $2 Dortmunders during Browns game at 2nd floor bar!
  • Heather R

    Be forewarned: security guards at entrances only check ID if you "look under 30" to them. And if your license is expired, they refuse to let you in and then report you as if you're a security threat!
  • Laura Kinsey

    Ride the escalator!
  • Rob

    First floor bar is much better service, but the drink prices went up!!
  • Tiffany Ja'Nishia

    Breakfast at Tiffanys is my favorite machine!
  • Marie S

    Great roulette tables
  • Mike Brenner

    This place fucking sucks, I would rather keep flying to Vages every yr
  • Barb Stapleton

    Everything on brunch menu was excellent
  • Jim Bruns

    Try the gambling
  • Brian Ondrish

    Slooooow bartenders ..
  • Melissa H

    Get a rewards card, they're free. Play for at least 30min, swipe your card at the Promotions kiosk and earn free parking for 24 hours! Great for those $35+ event parking days.
  • Justin

    This is a joke. Shook down for buffet receipt, split aces and you can't hit again. I'll never return.
  • Jim F.

    That was a fun place!
  • Matthew Burgett

    The buffet is amazing!
  • Alissa Doyle

    Been to casinos all over the country. This is one of the worst. Not only do you not win, it's $25 for parking.
  • Shawn Sedlak

    Beware. Danny G loves taking your money
  • Shanese Alexander

    The brunch buffet was great
  • Dan

    Got my bag stolen. Security caught the person. Watch your stuff at the tables..
  • Ilona Daw-Krizman

    Beautiful decor but pricey tables
  • Michelle Italia

    Awesome...hit for $200 on second spin...I'm out!!!!
  • Michael Capozella

    Don't come here, it sucks.
  • LaVaughn Jones

    I don't know why I'm in here like I have some money to lose? Oh I know drinks are free! Lmao
  • Brenna MC

    The medical staff is excellent. Sage, safe and efficient. Job well done.
  • Jim Carlson

    Win money!
  • w S

    Sign up for total rewards. Free slot play in your email every month.
  • Christopher Carter

  • Lenny Gallo

    The buffet is really the highlight of this casino. I don't know anybody who actually wins much money here. Stick to the food and save your money.
  • Saas

    Join the Total Rewards program.
  • Keith Jenkins

    Win da money!
  • Gavin Longer

    bars and food court are cool.
  • Dan Hark

    Poker... Not slots...don't be sillh
  • Shanika Hunter

    Wheel of Fortune slots
  • Zachary Moskowitz

    If you go up to the bar and ask for a soda or water, it is free!
  • Jim Bruns

    Coffee is hot
  • mary sayle

    Play the judge Judy slots! !!!!!
  • Christa Shick

    Don't bother putting your money in a machine. The first floor is over crowded, & even the 1 cent machines have ridiculous minimum bets.
  • Rachael Marie

    The Black Dealers are awesome! Especially Sheryl! Check out her table!
  • Na Kay

    If you want a real (or closer to real) casino experience, drive the 2 hours and visit the rivers casino in Pittsburgh! Free parking and better payouts!!!
  • Kristen C

    Try your hand at the battleship slots. Everytime I've played I've left the machines up. Good luck everyone!
  • Jim Koltiska

    Play for 30 minutes with your players card in machine then swipe card at player promotions for a free parking card that day.
  • Jennifer Bibbo-Anderson

    Great! Super Fun! But the parking across the street in the garage is bad. You could be walking around Downtown for awhile if you aren't paying attention when you park
  • Anonymous

    Fun this place is
  • Shaun White

    If you want to stand by the poker room entrance for over 10 mins while there are 4 employees at the counter and never have anyone offer to seat you or even say a word to you...this is the place to go.
  • Tasha Taylor

    I love the food and atmosphere...
  • Bridget Ginley

    There is a gambling here
  • Bobby Tannous

    Dave is Working the Craps Table.. he is cool as shit.. there are 3 Daves working the craps table I'll let you decided for yourself which one I'm talking about
  • David Schantz

    Bar service on second floor is slow
  • Richard Colvin-Nowden

  • Foster, Robert. R

    Kinda cool, first time here, have a great time
  • Alli Mae

    Completely inconvenient. No smoking lounge. No decent place to park. The casino is in a freaking mall. I won't be coming back. Go to Canada or detroit.
  • Rich Chamness

    Shitty as hell don't waste your time. Table limits are out of control and took literally an hour to get on a table. Go to WV instead!
  • Michael G

    You can get there through Tower City Center (TCC). But TCC is NOT one of Horseshoe's official lots. So even if you gamble for 30min & win free parking, you will still have to pay for parking @ TCC.
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