Progressive Field

Address: 2401 Ontario St
Phone: (216) 420-4487
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    Progressive Field is home to the Cleveland Indians and was originally named Jacobs Field when it was opened in 1994. It set a record by selling out 455 straight games from 1995-2001.
  • ESPN

    Remember when a swarm of insects lifted the Tribe to a playoff win on in 07? How bout when a seagull gave Shin-Soo Choo a game-winning RBI in 09? Yup, the critters help the home team at the Prog.
  • tribetalk

    Hear that beating drum? Super fan John Adams has been rooting the Indians to victory atop the bleachers for over 30 years!
  • Positively Cleveland

    Friday night home games end with an awesome fireworks display.
  • tribetalk

    Heritage Park in center field is hallowed ground for Tribe fans. Top level honors Indians enshrined in Cooperstown, bottom level honors all those in Indians HOF.
  • Steve DiMatteo

    Go to Progressive Field and sit in the cheap seats. Scout for better ones as the game goes on and sneak down closer to the field.
  • Cleveland Indians

    Welcome to Progressive Field! Check in using At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Joseph Ross

    Real name is always Jacobs field not "progressive"
  • tribetalk

    You're on Foursquare? You need to apply for the Indians Social Suite- the only exclusive social media section in MLB!
  • Sports Authority

    Beautiful and family friendly! Kidsland is located near section 117, giving kids the opportunity to play with a variety of toys and to visit the team mascot, Slider.
  • tribetalk

    Looking for something fried and delicious? Head to the Fried Delights stand in Section 159 for the Chicken Waffle and other treats.
  • Kimberly Meyer Peters

    Watch the game.
  • Melissa K

    Don't forget to tweet your seats for a chance for an upgrade!
  • MLB

    Learn about the Indians rich history at Heritage Park beyond center field.
  • Cleveland Indians

    Dont forget to use At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Christian Hanna

    One of the top 5 most gorgeous stadiums in Major League Baseball. Fridays offer postgame fireworks & occasional dollar hot dog/student ID night. Try Bertman's Ballpark Mustard which is famous in CLE.
  • Lets Move It!

    Don't forget to put on your sunscreen during those afternoon games. It's important to keep your skin protected from all those UV rays and a sunburn can be really uncomfortable!
  • Discover Ohio

    Progressive Field is an incredible place to take in a Cleveland Indians game! You'll love the awesome views of downtown, and be sure to check out the park's social media suite!
  • Discover Ohio

    If you're in Cleveland and it's baseball season, you have to check out one of the coolest parks in the country! And, of course, they have awesome food and drink - and even some pretty cool music!
  • tribetalk

    Don't forget to stop by during Indians Snow Days and warm-up under the dugout heaters
  • Carl Ricco

    Great ballpark and an exciting selection of non-ballpark fare.
  • Gina Linton

    Sit in the $32 all you can eat seats! Worth the money and along the first base line.
  • Cleveland Magazine

    The Indians' new Kids Clubhouse on the ballpark's mezzanine level gives kids a chance to play while offering mom and dad the opportunity to keep an eye on the game.
  • Cleveland Bike Tours

    7th inning stretch is a must
  • Kara

    Club seats are the best deal, $100 for all you can eat pastas, pizzas, salads, ice cream, desserts, burgers, chicken etc. Best deal ever!
  • Bryan Gattozzi

    Get the grilled hot dog behind section 109. Dessert: Fried dough by 157. Continue to roast beef po-boy at 171. Finish with cocktail at 101.
  • House of Blues

    Snow Days!! You can go ice skating, snow tube down the batterhorn, hang w/ Slider & the Hot Dog mascots, even sit in the dugouts! Very cool experience, check it out this winter!
  • Betsey

    Remember 1997?
  • Mark

    There's really not a bad seat in the house, but the upper deck offers some beautiful views. Get a hot dog and top it with Cleveland's famous Bertman Ballpark Mustard, too.
  • Barbara Kornuc

    Go tribe! What a great night
  • Brad Fagan

    What's better than the Great American Pasttime, a cold brew, and dog with Bertman's Ball Park mustard? I say very little!
  • Tiffany C

    go indians!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rachel

    So warm and welcoming! Loveeeee it here!!! :)
  • Cooper Smith

    Check out the Indians museum in Center Field....if you're like me, you'll be amazed at how many players have been on the Tribe throughout the years
  • K12 Inc

    Did you know? Baseball has a long history in Cleveland. The first professional game in the city was played in 1869!
  • Lets Move It!

    Join us during your lunch hour to stay active and get exclusive field access at Progressive Field for Let's Move It! Mondays. For more information visit
  • Samantha Svoboda

    GOOO TRIBE!!!!
  • Kim Hurt

    Beautiful stadium w/ample standing room for those of you who like to buy the cheap seats like us :)
  • Jake Smith

    Yes, that is a nacho helmet. Yes, that means it is a batting helmet filled with nachos. Yes, you get to keep the helmet. Yes, you should get one.
  • Christy Creative

    Tribe Time is NOW! Best seats in the house are the outfield bleachers!
  • jesse martin

    Get club seats!!!!
  • Mark Chmielewski

    Pregame on the Rapid. Get off at Tower City station and walk. No need to drive into downtown!
  • Jonathan Reitz

    It will always be the Jake to me.
  • Allie P

    Honk if the Tribe won!
  • Katie Sobilo

    Make sure your beer isn't expired...
  • ?J.Fo Roxx?

  • David Lewandowski

    Go Tigers beat the Indians
  • Justin Kenyon

    Get the cheese steak on the lower deck. Section 135 ish. Great deal
  • Khristian Santana

    Liked the name Jacobs fields better... Who names a baseball field after some insurance company... Only in Cleveland
  • Richard Rezek

    Visit the hall of fame.
  • Ruben Garcia

    The Food Network's "Build Your Own Hot Dog/Sausage" stand by section 157 is amazingly delicious and also the best bang for your buck in the stadium.
  • Andy Knox

    It's still the Jake!
  • Nick Amata

    Dollar dog night is the way to go
  • Christopher Winnyk

    Call it Jacobs Field, always.

    Don't forget to chow down on a hot dog covered in delicious, Bertman Ball Park Mustard!
  • Brandon Frazier

    Come early and come often! I love the Tribe!!!!!
  • Nicole Cyngier

    Come to the Leader Bar on east 6 and superior!! Great bar great food great bar and even better bartenders! :)
  • Leslie Staack

    Nice park but fans are rude if you aren't from there... They have something to say about everyone!! Heritage Park is nice.
  • Len Cooper

    They sell vegan hot dogs AND Great Lakes.
  • FanBridge

    We still call it The Jake. Did you know the Indians were named to SportsBusiness Journal's list of 20 Great Uses of Social Media in Sports? The Indians Social Suite seats 12 with a wait list over 200!
  • Dustin Russell

    Strickland's Ice Cream on a hot day
  • The Sports Bank

    Answers may be in AAA for struggling Cleveland Indians
  • Lets Move It!

    Come down to Progressive Field for Let's Move It! Mondays and walk the warning track at lunch time! For more info visit:
  • Catherine Quintiliani

    Love Baseball
  • Somchai Rojana

    ??????????? Progressive Field ...
  • Somchai Rojana

    ??????????????????????? Progressive Field ??????????????...
  • Sports Illustrated

    From The Vault: In 2008 SI polled fans on MLBs best ballparks, Progressive Field was voted #1
  • Stadium Journey

    There's a battle of the mustards at Progressive Field! Don't know what we're talking about? Read about it here:
  • James McCoy

    Club seats don't over eat
  • David Lewandowski

    Cleveland teams will never win a championship
  • Carl Ricco

    Weeday Day games are so much fun. Beers at noon. Baseball!
  • Evan[Bu]

    Be on the lookout for Randy Quaid, who is probably heckling Indians pitchers.
  • Pearl DeBrular

    Avoid 1st baseline seats when its hot, there in the sun. Very hot. Do the Keybank grandslam package. Awesome!!!!
  • Jason Merhaut

    I still call it The Jake!
  • Anonymous

    13th inning on 8-31-11
  • Carl Ricco

    Tonight: Indians play terribly. There's always next year. Sigh
  • Adam Heffelfinger

    Go WINdians.
  • Nic Rad

    Make sure to hit on Grady Sizemore- you never know
  • Leigh-Anne Dennison

    Vegan hotdogs available at Spuds & Suds stand section 164. Go Tribe!
  • Kyle Melling

    Go tribe!!!
  • Mike Libertucci

    Park on east ninth on hall of fame side for free!!!
  • Kara

    Two mezzanine tickets with $10 for concessions loaded on each ticket, for only $16! Normally $25, amazing deal. Today, July 27th only!
  • russell l.

    Wow... What a waste of time.
  • Kelly Winkleman

    It will always be the Jake to me. Always.
  • Megan Hubany

    It's The Jake!! Always & forever #GoTribe
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match : Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians # 1.05 PM.
  • Sports Illustrated

    The Indians official colors might not include green, but they are green-friendly! Cleveland was the first AL team to install solar panels on their stadium.
  • SueAnn Zavarelle

    Whoever took my ipod touch after the 7/12/2013 game, please give it back, my life is on that ipod! :(
  • Evan[Bu]

    Taylor is sending in Roger Dorn?! Dorn is O for the century, but has had many "foul tips".
  • Val Hillers

    Try the Mac & Cheese flavor trio at the Food Network Stand near the Home Run Porch.
  • Ruben Garcia

    Jacobs Field gets better and better every year: now all tickets (even your cheapo bleacher and upper deck ones) get you into the air conditioned and great views of the Terrace Club Pub.
  • Austin Laws

    Great hot dogs and cheap!
  • The Orion Project

    The home of the Indians will always be Jacob's Field to us. Go Tribe!
  • Stephy Abbruzzese

  • Nick Campion

    Come by the outfield gate and stop by the Verizon tent for cool prizes!
  • Nick Campion

    Check out the Verizon Street Team by the outfield entrance to learn about devices and get some cool prizes!
  • Christine Olson

    What...he shoulda been safe!
  • Zachary Winnie

    Great, clean stadium with a great view of the city past center field. Tickets were cheap through StubHub for seats behind home plate.
  • Ruben Garcia

    Hit the Spirits of Ohio counter by section 153 for some amazing Made in Ohio beers.
  • Samantha Mealy

    Splurge a little and go for a superdog or italian sausage with peppers and onions from section 113. You won't regret it!
  • House of Blues, Cleveland

    Snow Days!! You can go ice skating, snow tube down the batterhorn, hang w/ Slider & the Hot Dog mascots, even sit in the dugouts! Very cool experience, check it out this winter!
  • Joe Mays

    Look for the pickle man to get the coldest beer in the ballpark
  • ScottyKash .

    Last day of the home season. There is about 200 people here
  • Scott Bindel

    Joe still sucks.
  • Scott Bindel

    Joe sucks
  • George Wonica

    Nice field. Walkable if staying in the city...
  • RyH

    Don't park any where near the takes a long time to maneuver around the streets and to get out of the garage.
  • Michael G

    Mmmmmm.....Summer Shandy.
  • Kara

    Ride or die. #RollTribe
  • Elizabeth

    Section 153 FF seat 7. Best seat in the house. :) shade and directly behind home plate. Great view.
  • Mehmet Bztp

    Yresel dondurma isparta
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Courtney Shilling

    You have to get Bertman's Ballpark Mustard!
  • Tyler Elliott

    Anyone who calls this "The Prog" and not "The Jake" is a fascist.
  • Tina Norris Jones

    Go tribe!!!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indeans #12.05 PM.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Kansas City Royals vs Cleveland Indians # 7.05 PM.
  • Crystal Harper

    Best nachos ever!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians # 7.05 PM.
  • Jai Rock

    Go tribe!!!
  • Somchai Rojana

    ???????? Progressive Field..
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Los Angeles Angels vs Cleveland Indians #7.05 PM.
  • Somchai Rojana

    ??????????????? Progress Field
  • Somchai Rojana

    ???? Progressive Field ???????????...
  • Somchai Rojana

    ??????????????? Progreasive Field. ?????...
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Detroit Tigers vs Celveland Indians #7.05 PM.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match : Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indians #1.05 PM.
  • LaVaughn Jones

    MLB Buffalo eat your heart out :-)
  • Sergio Jones

    Luv to watch baseball game.
  • Jasmine S

    $1.00 dog night! #fireworks
  • Somchai Rojana

    ?????????????????????? Progressive Field ...
  • Cathleen D

    Don't forget to slappa' my hand, soul man.
  • Robert Biehl

    Hamms tall cans at Dad's beer for $6.50.... Hamm it up
  • Alyssa Danchuk

    Hot dog is 3 buckaroos unless its dollar dog night, which I suggest you go to! Get 2 big cookies for 2.50 not bad. Beer? Forget it. Tall can of Pabst = 10 bucks? Haha. Unless you have money to waste!
  • Somchai Rojana

  • Susie Grant

    Clubhouse is very cool for a large party and to walk out and watch the game. Good food too.
  • Brandie Feuer

    Gluten free hot dogs?!? So excited I can still partake in tradition :)
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, Tribe!
  • Brittany Farrell

    Spring for the "all you can eat seats" totally worth $32, hotdogs nachos pop peanuts popcorn and jerky (if u get there early)
  • Matt

    Take your child to fan services (behind section 153) and ask for a "my first game" certificate for them. They personalize it and it's free!
  • Jacqueline Deere

    Good food, clean, and an enjoyable experience :).
  • Kevin Ropenus

    Get your beer from the best beer vendor in town Jerome in section 108.
  • Mike Secre

    Get the Mega Dog and a shandy
  • John Hurst

    9.50 for a beer... fuckin a
  • Tammy Landers

    Don't 4get u can bring 1 bottled water
  • christine marie

    Section 148 is the best place for photo's of the field
  • Nichole Knapik

    Kind of chilly down here
  • Gabe Johnson

    Home of the Cleveland Indians...nice ballpark
  • Eric Eisenman

    Just call it The Jake.
  • Jenn M

    Dollar Dog night is totally worth it!
  • Erykc

    Indians suck! Cardinals rule!!!
  • Nathan Lapuh

    Its always been named Jacobs field
  • Tricia Moore Markovic

    There's gluten free beer and hot dog buns in section 164:-)
  • Scotty

    The skrimp density here is amazing.
  • Christian williams

    Clevelanders know this as none other than "Jacobs Field"
  • CG

    Day Games are the best!
  • Kevin Berry

    Fantastic place to watch Major League Baseball.! Lot's of places to dine or party near by.

    Michael Brantley is 7-for-13 (.538) with an extra-base hit and four RBI lifetime against Tigers starter Justin Verlander.
  • Danny Paul

    I partied here. Had fun.
  • Liz E

    Get the hot dogs m
  • Shawn Smith

    Not in our house Yankee's
  • Dave Glozer

    Duck the yankees
  • Ashley Sullivan

    Always an amazing Fourth of July fireworks display!
  • CDOG

    Saw Paul Dolan picking up pennies off the ground...
  • Kristin Toth

    Come to lets move it Mondays sponsored by the clinic!!
  • Wendy Jenkins

    Mezzanine is the best!!
  • Mike Rossetti

    Bleacher seats for 10 bucks is nice except you cannot see the big scoreboard
  • Lori B

    $10 Bleacher seats!!! Perfect view- great homerun balls and freebies!
  • Brandon Evans

    Go Tribe!!!
  • Duderington

    I like watch baseball.
  • Calogero

    No tip, sorry.
  • Laura Neiheisel

    Good game tonight... We actually won.
  • Scott Bindel

    Joe sucks.
  • Angga Saputra

    goo indianss
  • Gene Bernardo

  • CDOG

    They still treat their fans horribly. Ever since 94'. If you have extra money, don't spend it here take yer family out for a nice dinner or movie, don't give it to these Gestapos.
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