Quicken Loans Arena

Address: 1 Center Ct
Phone: (888) 894-9424
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Category: Basketball Stadium
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  • Sports Authority

    The unique roof design of the stadium is actually the arena site turned at a 90-degree angle. Imagine that!
  • Positively Cleveland

    Cavs aren't in town? Check the schedule for other concerts and events like Lake Erie Monsters games.
  • Lisa Galek

    Go here to see a Monsters game.
  • ESPN

    These guys have been powered by fans from the start. The Cavaliers got their name in 1970 from Jerry Tomko, the winner of a "Name the Team" contest. His was one of more than 11,000 entries!
  • Perry Ellis

    Stop by and catch the Lake Erie Monsters or the Cleveland Cavaliers play at the Quicken Loans Arena. Did you know Perry Ellis sponsored the Cavs many, many years ago?
  • Michelle

    Come down for a Monsters hockey game! Did you know we have professional hockey in Cleveland?? BEST family entertainment around for a low cost!!!
  • ESPNCleveland

    It's time for the Mid-American Conference Tournament! Make sure you stop by the ESPN Cleveland booth to grab the 2012 Spring Guide and check out the games on ESPN 850 WKNR & ESPNCleveland.com
  • jules ferree

    see LeBron any chance you get!
  • Michael Brenkus

    Go to Bar Symon on the Club Level and order a Pork Pastrami sandwich (hold the cole slaw if u prefer), a side of Lola fries with rosemary, and the fondue dip FTW! Large Mt. Dew (no ice), enjoy game.
  • Dino Silvestri

    Game did not start , but we beat boston for game one 2010
  • Positively Cleveland

    Home to this year's Moondog Coronation Ball on March 31, Cleveland's annual celebration of the first rock and roll concert.
  • Ryan Graham

    Go here to meet the best owner in the NBA
  • Cleveland Bike Tours

    It takes 3 hours to change the floor from ice Hockey to basketball! Tour stop #6! @BikeCLE
  • Michelle

    New season! Some new blood.... some old blood! Let's get it this year guys!!
  • kristen zeszut

    Check out some playoff hockey starting VERY soon. Go Monsters!
  • House of Blues

    Monsters game? Yup! Keep your eye out for the Mullet Brothers and check out their skit on the scoreboard... hilarious!
  • Philip

    This is OUR House! Is this the year?! I think so!
  • Luke Zarlinofour squares superuser

    S w e e t placee
  • Samuel Drew

    Where the magic happens November to May!
  • Marc Nelson

    Watch Lebron Blow It vs. The Celtics
  • Matt Motil

    Go to the "Q" and watch LeBron smash any and all opponents. Head across the street after the game to Flannerys and grab a Blacksmith!
  • Dan Kamionkowski

    Burgers at b-spot
  • Mark Kelly

    All you lebron HATERS can suck it! Go heat! Come watch the Cavs suck at life at the arena
  • FreezeCrowd

    Excellent venue for concerts and events in Cleveland. Even if it's not a Cavs game, be sure to watch the lineup of concerts here.
  • Brad Davis

    Go see the Boss on the 11th.
  • Tere Meade

    The suites are awesome
  • Ikal Adi Lestari

    Mar 19, 2013 - 08:00 (+8 GMT) - Cleveland vs Indiana | Mar 21, 2013 - 08:00 (+8 GMT) - cleveland vs Miami | Mar 28, 2013 - 08:00 (+8 GMT) - cleveland vs Boston | More http://goo.gl/XAyie
  • Jamie Venorsky

    Check out Rocco's Tacos. Best tacos in town.
  • Mary Witherspoon

    Go, Monsters!
  • Adam Harvey

    Park at the West Side Market and take the Red Line in instead of shelling out for a $15 parking spot.
  • OhioStateToos

    We r winning...for now!
  • Samantha Svoboda

    High fived the players on the basketball court pre game
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at the Quicken Loans Arena when we play on December 27th! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • Kaitlin Myszkowski

    I love Quicken Loans!!!!!
  • Khristian Santana

    Brother work for the "Scream Team"
  • Melissa Soblotne

    The lough. fuck yeah :-)
  • Nikki Flores

    Park at the PNC lot. Its only $5, and barely any traffic!
  • Sandra Mauk

    Ohhh mahh god.
  • Nicole Cyngier

    Come to leader bar on east 6 and superior before or after your event!!
  • Search Circus

    Here at the Get Motivated seminar listening to the best of the best motivational speapers ever! And it is indeed a FULL house up in here too!
  • Carl Ricco

    Watching rush is way better than watching the crappy cavs
  • Amelia Shears

    Find out why the Monster's mascot is an Eagle!
  • Nicki Pelham

    Head 2 City Tap after the game 4 beers and late night food! Across the street on Huron :-)
  • Candice216

    Bar Symon Pork Pastrami on Club Level = Heaven
  • Bryan Gattozzi

    Grab a burger at B-Spot, Michael Symon's joint. Cooked in lard. Enough said? Nope. Pickled add-ons to burgers are typical Symon.
  • Connor Robbins

    Gund Arena
  • Lori Nesbitt

    Never been, but looking forward to it.
  • JP

    Best gate to enter is on the South side across from The Jake... it is the "forgotten" gate of The Q (much like Gate D at The Jake)
  • Chris Lisy

    Section 114
  • Zachary Michel

    One of the best NBA arenas. Dan Gilbert does it the best.
  • Larry Prevost

    Great sales training session with the inside sales team. Sharp group of people.
  • Chad B

    24 ounce drafts for 7.7 across from B Spot #GoodDeal
  • Christy Creative

    Watch the always exciting Cavs!
  • Natalie Lin

    Dollar dog night on Fridays
  • Robert Woodall

    I prefer The Gund.
  • Search Circus

    A great quote from the Get Motivated seminar!
  • Cindy Robbins

    get a Great Lakes, Christmas Ale too!
  • patrick kocon

    For a cheap drink, go to Nicks after the game across from the arena on Prospect.
  • Elizabeth

    Go Cavs!!!!!
  • SueAnn Zavarelle

    Leaky ceiling needs fixed
  • Adam Snow

    Psh, heck with the Cavs, see the Gladiators!
  • Barbie Romaniszyn-Perry

    Moon Dog Coronation Ball baby!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: http://globi.es/TicketsFoursquare. See you soon!
  • Marc West

    First Gladiators Game. Having FUN.
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Cavaliers! Come on, you Monsters!
  • David Snyder

    Monsters game
  • Emre Kasa

    Great atmosphere. I enjoyed being here completely.
  • Kevin Bartow

    The team was better when LeBron was here
  • Kenny Coleman

    great place to go for a basketball game. good atmosphere.
  • Jeremy F.

    Got to the concert and there was no one from Fladhseats to take our id at the garage. Big hassle!
  • Josh Krajnak

    Sometimes they play Crystal Castles.
  • Adam Tubbs

    Watch Kyrie, he is nasty!
  • Melissa Case

    Pretty fun game!
  • Rachael Bank

    Loving Disney Princesses on Ice
  • Skip Da Zip

    Be LOUD! Be proud! You're in LOUDVILLE!
  • Linda Riffle

    VIP Draft party was fun!!
  • Chris Marsh

    Not a bad seat in the house.
  • Thom Hill

    Chili peppers

    Wear a Cavs shirt.
  • Jennifer M

    Mid American Conference Tourney!
  • Melissa Fitzwater

    Love the caves. Pure romance by Melissa :)
  • Gabe Johnson

    Someone needs to box out Anderson Varejao...20 points, 20 rebounds? Wow
  • Halle Rowe

    Pee before you sit down
  • House of Blues, Cleveland

    Monsters game? Yup! Keep your eye out for the Mullet Brothers and check out their skit on the scoreboard... hilarious!
  • Eric Schlitter

    Don't come here expecting to see a legitimate power play
  • Benjamin

    Man, the kids LOVED Disney on Ice.
  • Matthew Bryan

    Any after Britney parties?!
  • ?big joe stud?

    uncle bobby seger rocked!!!
  • Michael Smith

    If you never had them, try the Arizona Ranch wings at Quaker Steak & Lube
  • Joe Pulizzi

    Lady in section 126 concession selling dollar beers.
  • Mike M

    This place is awesome! Here for toy story on ice!
  • Michele Kennedy

    Saw TSO there on Sunday and it was AMAZING!! Did you go too?? We LOVED it!! 8)
  • Jason Schlosser

    The Cavs store was awesome. My son loves his warm up. Very friendly and very helpful staff.
  • Zubin

    Did they get new cheerleaders for '10-11 or am I just that starved for entertainment
  • Emily Marx

    Got the grand tour
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