Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

Address: 5300 Riverside Dr
Phone: (216) 265-6030
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Check Ins: 215315


  • Jager

    Great Lakes brewing company is awesome!
  • Lana Kasunic

    If flying Continental, have boarding pass on iPhone/PDA/mobile phone for paperless check-in! They scan bar code on phone.
  • Kevin Poor

    Public art (airplanes) on way to D concourse are great. And could use some cleaning.
  • James Packman

    For God sakes Lemon, we'd all like to flee to the cleve and club up at the flats and have lunch with Little Richard, but we fight those urges!
  • Rashaun Hall

    The free wi-fi is slower than AOL dial-up... Literally slower.
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Benjamin Haas

    Steel yourself for the Bataan Death March that is the journey from Gate D to the main concourse.
  • Paul Elliott

    Very long security lines on Monday mornings. Consider going through security at the smaller terminals (A and B).
  • Stephanie ??

    Next time fly out of CAK
  • Samsonite

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a must see in Cleveland. If you don't have time to visit on site, take a stroll down to the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport store front!
  • Bill Heath

    Terminal A is like stepping back in time 20 years.
  • Stephanie ??

    Good luck finding thec cell phone lot. The signs lead to nowhere.
  • Clay Johnson

    Free Wi-Fi in Terminal C
  • David Matthew Cummings

    Security likes to act tough. I just laugh at them because they live in Cleveland.
  • Adrienne Gonzalez

    I was really thrilled to have free WiFi while waiting an hour for my delayed flight home. Too bad it never actually worked.
  • James K

    Welcome to CLE or welcome home. Hit up Great Lakes Brewery in the airport if you have time.
  • Kevin

    After going through security, you can take a 6 pack of Christmas Ale home with you!! Go Cleveland!! Go Christmas!!
  • Emil Chuck

    There's a Cheeburger Cheeburger between B and C concourses! Never expected this!
  • Scott VanWalsum

    Banjo Cafe by C-20 has some great food. Try the Pot Roast sandwich.
  • DeMarkco Butler

    Checking in is much easier and faster with or without luggage by using electronic boarding passes via cell phone.
  • anthony zaro

    If u need somewhere to park that's fast and easy go to airport fastpark. Currently 5.50 a day!
  • Jen Polkinghorne

    Had no issues with the free wi-fi...
  • Marisa Green

    It takes 10 minutes (at a full sprint) to get from C/D security to the farthest gate at Terminal D. Allow 15 if you want to be sane.
  • Miguel Senquiz

    fly in a plane
  • FLY

    WIFI or Weak Internet Fail Idiocy. Is sponsored by CWRU Case, where the Question is the Answer. Enroll now for continuos tuition increases and a campus that is in the ghetto.
  • Jonathan Jesse

    both guest wireless and att wireless never worked for the hour I hung out here
  • Gregory Brown

    Try the Famous Pot Roast sandwich at Ban Joe's at the end of terminal C. One of the top 5 best sandwiches I've ever had.
  • Marine Corps

    Felix Rigau Carrera, first Hispanic fighter pilot in the Marine Corps, was posthumously honored during the Hispanic Heritage Awards Sept. 14, 2011, hosted here at the Cleveland International Airport.
  • Colleen K

    Go through security checkpoint B to see a wall display of all the weapons confiscated over the years.
  • Jason McLaughlin

    At least it's not Detroit. Oh wait, their airport is beautiful and has awesome food options. I wish this was Detroit.
  • deviantpixel

  • Mike B.

    Wireless internet apparently maintained on aPackard Bell running Win 95 with a 56k modem
  • Mark Chmielewski

    Free wifi is a joke and doesn't really work. Currito is overpriced and nickel and dimes for everything...small amount of food for a premium. Delta employees are really nice here though!!!
  • Sean

    Oldest airport in the US, it smells like an old folks home
  • Drew McLellan

    D Gates are a decent hike (several moving walkways & a couple escalators) so don't wait until the last minute.
  • Chris McNamara

    Fastest security line is at Concourse A (where AA and US are). I've never waited more than 10 min going through there.
  • jesse martin

    Wellcome to Cleveland!!!
  • Gregg Walrod

    There are always super long lines and security Monday mornings. Get there early or fly later if you have the option
  • Dave W

    I was able to connect to the free wifi instantly and it's fast. They must have addressed any issues they were having. I've never seen the free wifi advertised anywhere, thanks 4square
  • Rob Gates

    Subway in Concourse D is now open
  • Dustin

    Get food/drink before heading to concourse D. D's food & drink under construction
  • David S

    Extremely disappointed that this place is nothing like The Drew Carey Show led me to believe.
  • Ed Toerek

    It's great to have a United/Continental hub here. So many flight options. Support it so it stays in CLE.
  • ??????

    Cleveland rocks!
  • David Sutula

    Next time, try CAK! Much, much, much, much better on every way (except maybe food options). Longest, slowest TSA line I've yet encountered. 14 minutes and just now reaching the cattle maze. Shit...
  • @NickTheHouse

    Paninis has the biggest breakfast sandwich ever! Great service too.
  • Chris Gerty

    Logon to CLE-GUEST wireless with Firefox, not Safari. Once you authenticate, the connection will work for either browser.
  • Jenny Smercina

    Be nice to the staff and they will be nice to you.
  • Elizabeth

    Great Lakes Brewery has a bar in the airport in Concourse A.
  • Lauren

    Tons of outlets in the booth seating in the food court between terminals C and A. Plus free wifi works there.
  • jon accarrino

    Try to find the heart of rock 'n roll.
  • Douglas q Hutchings

    Run from Cleveland as fast as possible
  • Jake Smith

    Don't eat at Sbarro. Go elsewhere to eat.
  • Sarah Beplay

    Unlike other airports were almost always on time. You cant judge cleveland without experiencing it. Its actually a blast here.
  • Joe Pulizzi

    If you are really running late, don't forget to check Gate A. Line is sometimes much quicker.
  • Douglas q Hutchings

    Nothing feels better than a flight departing Americas worst city.
  • Scott

    The pub is great. Try the ham and swiss
  • Jigar Patel

    There is no Internet here! Bummer
  • Benefit Cosmetics

    Did the TSA raid your makeup bag, gorgeous? Benefit to the rescue! Come see our instant beauty rescue vending machine near Gate C14. #FlyBenefit
  • Justin Green

    It smells like urine. The whole place!
  • Vansh Monga

    The united staff here is exceptionally nice. And their C terminal lounge is nice too.
  • Jack Purdy

    Don't fly American. We got to our gate ten minutes after boarding started and twenty minutes before departure and these hoes still left without us.
  • Rafique Jiwani

    For years I've praised the St. Louis airport for having the best shoe shine, however, the bros across from the crocs store here in CLE may have stolen that title
  • Kelly Fergus

    Skip the parking deck and head to the economy lot! $8 per day with free shuttle to baggage claim/ terminal right from your parking spot! Swipe CC upon entering and exiting- no tickets to lose!
  • Cait Chiou

    cleveland rocks!
  • Avery Jenkins

    I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again!!
  • Jason S.

    Awesome TSA officers. Very friendly and efficient!!!
  • Tiffan Clark

    No problem getting on the wifi. Nice new floor in concourse c.
  • Jenny Barnett Rohrs

    Grab an Auntie Annes pretzel before heading to your Continental flight. The snack boxes suck & are overpriced.
  • Brandon Lueder

    The pot roast sandwich at Banjo's is amazing!
  • Nikki Schiro

    Running late? Valet the car at departures. It's $18/day.
  • Jeremiah Andrick

    It smells like smoked meats here.
  • Jennifer

    Now we get to people watch before our flight home to Houston
  • Stephen Curtin

    If you know your on a small plane or regional jet, Check your bags people! Its crazy the amount of stuff people try and bring on these small planes.
  • Amanda DeSapri

    Curb side check in is the way to go! Less waiting in line!
  • Kate

    Cleveland is the greatest city... If you don't like it here, it's because we didn't like you first.
  • Matt M

    It's an airport in Cleveland. That's all u need to know.
  • Avery Jenkins

    Please check to make sure you seat belt is securely fastened. Your seat back and tray table are in the full upright and locked position & all carry-on luggage is placed completely underneath the seat.
  • Michael Lapidakis

    The FREE WiFi here went from slower than dialup to incredibly fast. Well dont CLE, well done.
  • Monalisa Uppole

    Leaving to smoke makes u have to wait thru security .. hmm need a smoke room.
  • Celeste Wagner

    CLE is looking better all the time! Nice remodeling.
  • Jen

    Love it here!
  • Pamela Lammel

    Hey Adam K Ctown rocks!
  • Ryan B

    Rental car return is far from main terminal. Plan extra time to accommodate.
  • Lisa McGalliard

    Worst airport EVER!
  • Tony Rinicella

    Screw you Adam K.
  • Lorraine Schuchart

    Nice, easy to navigate airport in friendly, easy to navigate city. Be sure to tour the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Awesome!
  • Jeffrey Rohrs

    Chicken wing aficionados--Quaker Steak & Lube is open at the end of Concourse B. Worth the walk if you have time & hunger pangs to kill.
  • Tony Petro

    Cle airport only serves pepsi; even at chains that normally serve coke. Where's your backbone Subway? Next time I'll eat before I get here.
  • Nitasha Khanna

    This airport stinks!
  • K12 Inc

    Did you know? The City of Cleveland was founded by General Moses Cleaveland in 1796. The a was dropped from the original spelling in 1831, so that the citys name would fit on a newspaper masthead.
  • Jordan Zur

    2 good bars in term D
  • Dani Horwitz

    Very happy about the free wifi. Thanks CLE.
  • Carla Schiavone

    Only Pepsi products in the concourse now. Cont. Presidents club still has coke
  • Michael Otjen

    Free wifi doesn't work in airport! Air conditioning in. A concourse bar is broken..skip this place
  • Lou Ziegler

    If there is free wi-fi here it is news to me.
  • Anthony Szymanski

    Friendliest TSA staff I have met. Actually make all tge security shenanigans "enjoyable." And lots of phone chargers everywhere.
  • Rick Smith

    Watch out for some ridiculousness. They have speeding camera directly outside of the car rental lot. Anything over 35 costs you. Way to trade 100dollars for the potential 100,000 that may be generated
  • Katy

    Don't expect dinner if you're in concourse c after 815-830, everything is closed. Stupidest thing ever as all of the flights haven't departed yet. Fail
  • Ramone Terrell

    One of the Best cities in this Country!...
  • Cosmo Catalano

    Concourse D is absurdly humid
  • Chris S

    Great TSA folks and was easy ! THANKS
  • Mike Mollica

    Who is this Adam K guy and why does everyone hate him?
  • Jennifer

    Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you're certain to be overheated. WHY must they keep this airport so balmy??
  • Paul Layton

    Some jackars crammed a roller bag into a spot that was too small and broke the overhead bin. Damn the weekend is slipping away...
  • Michelle Schenker

    BSF ROCKS!!!!
  • Bloomberg TV HD

    Welcome to Ohio, home of the plumpest turkeys in the United States. As of 2012, turkeys raised here had an average of 42lbs of meat compared to the US average of 30lbs.
  • Michael Kitces

    Electrical sockets at the food court in main terminal. Sit, eat, and power up!
  • Jenna Hamilton

    The smell of Subway first thing in the morning is making me sick.
  • Larry

    Cleveland is not a "Sh!t hole" as Adam said! Great Food, friendly people, world class everything that's much better off without the likes of him hanging around!
  • John Becker

    This airport is as shitty as the city of Cleveland itself. Second-rate knockoff restaurants, one outlet every 3-ish gates, and an interior that looks like it hasn't been renovated since the 1960s.
  • Jeff S

    Stop by Johnston and Murphy and ask for John. Seem to have better prices than mall locations.
  • Joseph Padilla

    I drink the summer shandy! Gets the party going! @Jenna_marbles
  • Deisha Oliver-Millar

    Lakewood is an awesome neighborhood of Cleveland. Rocky River Park, Melt, all great places. Oh and make sure you people watch at the Westside Market! Amazing foods!
  • Melissa Gindling

    If you need a family restroom, look for the young travelers lounge in Concourse D!
  • Lexi Saltzman

    Carry on your bags! It's more convent and soon they will charge for all checked bags.
  • Joe Weiss

    Coming soon to cleveland 3g!!!!! Joe weiss seniorcare ems
  • Debbie Hrouda

    GLBC is across from c-14....awesome beer, Yummy food, and great service!!
  • Rami Mikati

    One of the best airports. Newly renovated and free wifi! Be sure to check out the neat dining options if hungry: gelato, paninis, cheeburger cheeburger, etc.
  • Lauren H.M.

    Cleveland is the greatest city EVER hands down! :)
  • Cynthia Taylor

    The TSA here are super mean.
  • Mary Beth L.

    Worst laid out airport in the country. Escalators/people walkers rarely work. Hate flying through here.
  • Melanie Wood

    Try the airplanes!
  • M.C. R.

    Get some food and drink before getting in the plane.
  • Manish Engineer

    Never fly US Airways, they're the worst. Not even raining, just overcast and they cancel / delay all their flights. When your flights are delayed 60% of the time, why even post flight times?
  • Sam Sherman

    Great toilet paper in the mens bathroom... yeah. I said it.
  • Lisa Wilmes

    Mark has a nice package in Lycra..
  • Ravi Y

    I heart #CLE and don't care what others feel about it.
  • Josh Jones

  • 10tklz

    Do not leave your bags or children unattended. I will eat them.
  • Nikelii Bennett

    Cleveland Museum of Art is my favorite in the World and they have a new wing for contemporary art, Independence OH is a good central location 15 minutes from the airport then 15 minutes to downtown
  • Jennifer Armentrout

    This place is a pit! Book as short a layover as possible!
  • Matt Griffin

    Drink Great Lakes beer.
  • Dan

    cleveland hopkins is the oldest commercial airport in the world and the first in the usa to have rail transit service - now u know! ;)
  • Shawn Paul Mazur

    The Internet service works very well near the presidents club located by C17. There is evening a seating area with tables which makes working on a lap top easier.
  • A_D_D_

  • Morgan Vice

    Security was rude, to the point of chastising, The ticket agents are clueless. Too bad it's only 5am, I could use a drink after that whole ordeal.
  • Nick Brashear

    Don't bother with Terminal A security. It is one line. Go to B or C. They have elite lines, A doesn't.
  • Terry Busic

    Checkpoint A only has 1 lane. Use checkpoints B or C for more lanes and faster lines.
  • Thomas Cagley

    FYI TSA runs too few lanes leave yourself lots and lots of time.
  • Evan[Bu]

    If you want to make friends with the locals, be sure to ask about LeBron James.
  • Nick Riebel

    Continental Airlines suck. Never will I fly with them again.
  • Cesar Razuri

    Great Lakes Brewing for Commodore Perry IPA
  • Jenna Meredith

    Super friendly staff at the brueggers bagels!
  • Gretchen Bercaw

    Good vegan solutions and smoothies in concourse B across from Quaker steak & lube
  • Marcia Tennyson

    Laptop/charging stations! Help to refuel your devices while you wait for your flight!
  • Airport Parking Connection

    Get the discounted rates online at, use code "TWITTER" for an extra 10% off a parking reservation!
  • John Harrington

    No wonder Lebron left this place
  • Brian Pitts

    Small airport
  • Kira

    The Hudson News in terminal D carries Mrs. Mays gluten free snacks.
  • Matt Davis

    Wifi is extremely slow!! If it works
  • David Habegger

    Sheraton shuttle comes the most frequently. Marriott took forever
  • Mike B.

    The wireless internet is evidently powered by a little hamster running on a wheel. He seems to be very tired today.
  • Shawna

    the cell phone lot was not difficult to find - for future reference it's on jackson road across from concourse d (continental). you take 5 points road to get there
  • Zach Isbell

    "Wireless provided by...". Fail.
  • Adam S

    The back side of the british pub in terminal C has outlets under the bar to charge your phone, laptop, etc. Decent food too.
  • Joseph Contreras

    Nooo...Cinnabon is gone! What happened to it? :(
  • Matthew Derrickson

    Go see jessica B
  • BJ Birtwell

    Free WiFi
  • Joe Krause

    Great tip Dustin you saved me this morning!
  • Balu

    Curritto looks like a good place to eat
  • Kathy S

    Free wi-fi. Charging outlets in waiting areas (at least in Concourse A)
  • Guillermo Crcamo

    Free wifi works like charm!
  • Ed Toerek

    Two Starbucks locations now at CLE, this one is at gate C22
  • Thomas Cosenza

    Plan to be here two hours before your flight since TSA is a mess
  • Kassey Pappa

    Very outdated and dirty
  • David Drenski

    Southwest concourse is sweltering
  • Holly T.

    Easy breezy airport with quick check-ins.
  • Brandy ?? Noponen ??

    Nice airport
  • Evan[Bu]

    Let's all do the HOP!
  • Kimi Pryor

    It's too cold here!
  • Julia Sheafor

    Ralph at National Car Rental rules!
  • liz davis

    If assholes could fly this place would be busier than an....oh wait,hahaha
  • Jeff S

    Fun times in Cleveland today! Cleeeeeveland!!!
  • Albert Fernandez

    The chili at Panini's is pretty damn good.
  • Scott Vignola

    What a cute airport!
  • Derrick Bell

    Geocaching and finding the car rental center have a lot in common! Plan extra time to drive around the airport trying to find where to return your rental car... Ridiculousness!
  • Alana Lewis

    This airport needs better long term parking options. Akron and Columbus offer more reasonable prices.
  • Stephanie Spivey

    Seems pretty old school but over all pretty chill. Have a sandwich at McAlister's, delicious.
  • Mark Wilson

    Free Wi-Fi without a time limit.
  • cori drew

    #Protip Don't forget to take your fitbit off, before you go through CLE security #whoopsy
  • Hari Bhagavatheeswaran

    Free Wifi works great... Concourse D is a good 10 minute walk from Concourse C... Veggie burger falls apart on you
  • Georgie N Lussier

    Almost there
  • Demian Lamblet

    Free wifi :)
  • Matthew Simpson

    The rent-a-cops of the TSA are especially slow here. Arrive earlier.
  • Thomas Cagley

    The Wi-Fi has gotten a lot better.
  • Vincent Porras

    Don't eat at Winners Bar and Grill. The food is gross.
  • Al Briggs

    Check out the fantastic paper plane art on your way to C Terminal. Very neat.
  • Retta Elueze

    Love flying!!??
  • Huey O

    Concourse D is maddeningly far if you are cutting it close. Prepare extra time to haul your luggage for the walk there...and behind loads of people.
  • Jeffrey Rohrs

    TSA Pre-Check at Gate B often zero wait since Gate C is where all United frequent fliers go.
  • Jeffrey Rohrs

    TSA Pre-Check at Gate B often zero wait since Gate A is where all United frequent fliers go.
  • Nerissa Bona

    TSA is a special kind of idiocy here.
  • Charlotte Andrewartha

    Nice to have free wifi!
  • Sara Misislyan

    The wifi sucks in this place. Constantly getting booted off.
  • Jessica McKeown

    Starbucks is coming soon!
  • Max Walter

    Concourse A is like a whole new airport. Shorter security, Quaker Steak and Lube, wine bar, pub...
  • L C

    No wifi in Gate C for United.
  • Jerry Miller

    It's 8:30pm and all kitchens are closed in Concourse C? 8o(
  • Hillary Pitts

    Get dinner before heading to concourse D. All restaurants close at 6pm.
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